Flowers Inc. is a business with a core focus on providing an attractive alternative to fresh flowers for the office, whilst also providing our clients with a saving of up to 70% on their floral requirements. Our quality silk flowers are perfect for any situation.

For the office: By offering a rotation service our clients have a choice of floral displays that may be rotated on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Each arrangement will be specifically selected based on your request so you can be assured that your arrangements will always meet your expectations.

Better than fresh? Life like silk arrangements not only provide a cost effective and appealing alternative to fresh flowers but alleviate the maintenance aspect of continuously replacing your fresh bouquets.

Silk floral arrangements are a great way to keep your office full of flowers all the time. Not only are silk flower arrangements economical compared to fresh flowers, which constantly need to be replaced, but they also look completely natural. Our arrangements are crafted with intricate leaf veins, perfectly sculpted petals and unfurling buds to imitate a live fresh flower arrangement.

We believe in the personal touch and will endeavour to provide you with exceptional service whilst taking care of your flower requirements.

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